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Fazi Battaglia - TITULUS

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Fazi Battaglia - TITULUS

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TITULUS - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi classico D.O.C.

Fazi Battaglia - La storia: Fazi Battaglia is an historical winery from the Marche region, founded in 1949 in the Castelli di Jesi Classico Area, located 50 kilometres southwest of Italy’s Adriatic naval capital, Ancona. Francesco Angelini, one of Italy’s most successful entrepreneurs, took over himself the winery shortly after, and his skills as a multifaceted entrepreneur, coupled with a passion for the countryside and the continuous search for high quality, led him to plant the first Verdicchio estate vineyards and brought Fazi Battaglia to become the leading winery of the region.

Today Fazi Battaglia’s estate has increased to include 280 hectares under vine among the Marche region’s most spectacular landscape dived in 12 different single vineyards and supervised by the chief agronomist Mirco Pompili.  The cellar is guided by the wine maker Dino Porfiri and is located in Castelplanio. It is a perfect combination of the typical traditional methods and the most modern and innovating techniques. Since 1990, founder’s grand daughther, Maria Luisa Sparaco, together with the 4th family generation Luca, Barbara and Chiara Giannotti, manage the winery and launched an important experimental phase concerning the growing and wine-making techniques of Verdicchio and Sangiovese vines, helped by the important staff of technicians in Fazi Battaglia and in collaboration with the leading industry figures, universities, and independent consultants.

Fazi Battaglia has a vast and important collection of products that includes principally a range of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, Superiore and Riserva and an assortment of Rosso Conero and Sangiovese. Thanks to the passion, the skill, and the constant efforts made by the family proprietors and by the entire staff, Fazi Battaglia won many important global recognitions and awards for its product line.Its most popular product remain the Titulus, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico made in 1953 when, in order to personalize its extraordinary production, Fazi Battaglia announced a national competition, to create a new bottle inspired by the ancient Etruscan amphora.

The winner, Antonio Maiocchi, created the acclaimed Fazi Battaglia emerald green “amphora”, recognized throughout the world as the icon of Verdicchio.It is one of the most typical and well done expression of this grape, with its minerality, freshness, and pleasant bitter almond finish, ideal to be matched with seafood, fresh fish and sushi plates.

CASTELPLANIO: Castelplanio is the first vineyard owned by Fazi Battaglia, and was also the first land parcels with an area of 20 hectares to be dedicated almost entirely to the cultivation of the vine. Castelplanio was also the first vineyard to be grubbed up and replanted during the restructuring phase phase of the company, linked to the arrival of the new generation of owners and thus, today,  has all the major modern requirements to ensure a top quality production.

The town of Castelplanio, which also houses the headquarters of the Fazi Battaglia winery, built in 1956 with the most modern equipment is located on a hill on the left bank of the river Esino, 24 kilometers from the town of Jesi. Originally a fortified medieval village,is probably dating from the thirteenth century, when some locals, erected a fortress, which was given the name of Castel del Piano, which was considered a military stronghold and a obstacle to the spread of potential enemies in the valley. Of particular historical and architectural interest is the nearby Abbey of San Benedetto dei Frondigliosi, which inside contains many frescoes and various works of art.

TITULUS - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi classico D.O.C.: “Packaged in the unique emerald green amphora shaped bottle, Titulus remains Fazi Battaglia’s icon. The winery dedicates particular attention in order to guarantee a product with enviable qualitative continuity, regardless of its production size. The grapes are grown in the 300 hectares of estate-vineyards, subdivided into 12 distinct single-vineyards of different exposition”

Production technique: The grapes are carefully selected by hand during a 20-25 day harvest in estatevineyards. Each of the 12 single vineyards is studied for the optimal harvesting moment, as the winery can rely on a crew of 200 workers. The grapes are subsequently softly pressed and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats for 15-18 days.

Then, the wine is left to rest for several months in temperature controlled stainless steel vats to produce complexity on the palate and ripeness on the nose. A 30-day bottle rest follows.

  • Vineyard: 100% Verdicchio.
  • colour: Pale straw with jade hues during the first months.
  • Bouquet: Intense bouquet of peach, apple, roses, characteristic of the noble Verdicchio grape.
  • taste: Refreshing, sapid, with a pleasant bitter almond finish.
  • alchool content: 12%
  • longevity: 1-2 years
  • Production: 3.000.000 bottles


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