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Seeking: importers/distributors in China

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posted on 2010-12-12

MEAD (honey alcohol) - unique opportunity for importers/distributors in China. “Lithuanian mead” Ltd. – producer of this honey drink since year 1958, is looking for trade partners in China.Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world.Findings of archaeological excavations indicate that mead was brewed and used by the most ancient civilizations, in the Near East and East Asia.

Recently archaeologists have found that in Ancient China and Iran mead beverages had been made as early as in 7000-5400 B.C. They were stored in wooden, leather and clay vessels.Rigveda, the literary masterpiece of ancient India (1700-1100 B.C.) contains the oldest known description of mead.

Mead plays an important role in culture and nutrition of many nations. It is no surprise that so many nations consider mead their national drink as mead is a worldwide phenomena by its origin and distribution. One will meet many nations in Africa and in Europe, in the Americas and Asia that are proud of mead as their national beverage.If interested to know more, please visit: cooperation inquiries please contact:, mobile in

China +86 18710125157