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Suite 2, 23-24 Great James Str.
WC1N 3ES United Kingdom
Tel.: +38 0505067285
Fax: +38 (067) 576 19 43

About T&I LLP


T&I unlimited advance LLP is engaged in wholesale of spirits and soft drinks made in Ukraine in the international market. In our list of products we have ordinary and sparkling wines, vodka, and potable water produced by many Ukrainian companies that allows us to generate the best price - quality offer for all our customers.

The basic attention of our company is paid to budgetary segment of the market, and we basically represent ordinary wines and offer very low prices. Yet our company is interested in supplying large shipments of production. The volume of manufacture of represented plants, is tens millions liters of production a year.

Now we are actively forming a net of our representatives worldwide.


Our company is developing constantly. We invite all the interested organizations to collaborate.

Types of collaboration:
1. Wine bottling under your trade mark.
For today we have an opportunity to organize wine bottling under your trade mark both from Ukrainian crude and from yours crude. Manufactures on bottling are certificated.
2. The organization of a net of representatives.

We are interested in collaboration with the commercial enterprises specializing on wholesale of spirits and having a license to import alcoholic beverages.