Are you a consumer looking for wine, spirits, beer or fine & rare products? Buy Now!
Sezmu allows a niche market of Wine, Sprits, Beer, Equipment and Services professionals to interact effectively and affordably on the Sezmu network. You can use the network as a (B2B) Business to Business tool or a (B2C) Business direct to new customer tool. This network also allows you to both sell or promote and of course market intelligently your real-time business.
What is the WWWS section?
WWWS stands for the World Wide Wine Search. This function allows International merchants, store owners and online sellers to include there inventory of wine, spirits or beer ready to sell retail on a grandeur scale to potential consumer buyers/the public market.
How does a VIP consumer on WWWS benefit?
The VIP consumer benefits in having an unlimited search capability of a particular product that they are looking for! The VIP consumer also has the capability to find new products and merchants as well be included in direct savings from the retailer.
How does WWWS benefit a store merchant?
A store merchant has the capability to expand to the public a visibility by product or storefront via direct by the Sezmu network. The merchant will be selling 24/7 on the Sezmu network; as well Sezmu does not take any commission or transaction fees. The merchant also has a quick and easy template provided by Sezmu to upload his inventory from 1 product to 1000’s immediately on the Sezmu network. Sezmu’s google-ization. Tweeter and SEO Marketing power for your individual products and company visibility will be second to none online. Sezmu is your 24/7 Sales Force & Marketing Top Team!
What is the e-marketplace?
The e-marketplace is a network and virtual tradeshow for small, medium and large companies to either buy or sell within a B2B – Business to Business network (Wine, Spirits, Beer, Equipment, Services companies). The network allows you to be anonymous when necessary and allows Sezmu’s e-marketplace members to showcase there individual business as a complete and very visible webpage tool. More eyes and traffic will be viewing your business information via Sezmu than possibly your own website. The e-marketplace also allows Equipment and Services companies to buy or sell this community of interrelated business will make Sezmu the one Stop & Shop place for this niche market.
See example please click here:
The e-marketplace can also sell your secondary business within the Activities or Services function that can expand your business levels and promote other divisions of your company ex: A winery can sell there wine in the e-marketplace as well promote there “Activities” such as “Wine Tour at Noon” and also promote there “Services” ex: “Bed and Breakfast” within there winery. This is why you can expand your sales avenues and promote your secondary business as well regardless if you are a small, medium ,large or startup company. Welcome to Semu’s e-virtual Tradeshow and e-marketplace!
What is the e-Broker section?
The e-broker network is a forum that allows High Volume, Fine & Rare Alcohol, Equipment Traders and specialty market to sell, buy or trade within a secure and if necessary an anonymous profile. This B@B network allows real-time buyers to connect automatically through our SKYPE telephone service or receive a text message automatically when a business connection is made.
How can I benefit on the e-Promo Network?
Why just send a press release that will be forgotten in a few weeks? Keep it Alive and Promote your business product or idea to a potential buyer or increase the marketing value to a potential new customer. Marketing is everything and letting the world know your product exists is to educate via the e-Promo network. Don’t Trudge, Trend!
What is the the Semu directory?
The Sezmu directory is an informative webpage that is quick and easy to construct allowing your business, products, services, activities and mostly you to be indexed and Googled intelligently and effectively via the Sezmu directory. It’s more than a webpage it is a complete cross section pyramid of selling potential!
What about membership?
Membership is both flexible and affordable you have choices to meet your budget levels. Our Gold PRO Super Saver membership allows you to register for a 2 year period for only $99 USD – basically $49.50 USD per year or simply put extremely affordable!
We also offer a s Silver PRO package which is available for individuals who want a presence and want marketing value and do not necessarily buy or sell. Examples being ; Sommeliers, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Cooking Schools, etc...
VIP Consumer is available for the Joe or Mary public to capture great prices and discover new wines and retailers for 2 unlimited years only for $9.95 USD
Also we at Sezmu believe you should try a product before buying. Take up the Free Trial, yes it has a limit but at least you will discover the potential of
Membership categories: Click Here
Are Sezmu members secure?
We verify all members but you have the final say! Rate both products and members. This will give new members worldwide the opportunity to gain confidence in your client feedback and business dealings. This method allows members of Sezmu to be upfront and secure within there new business development. Any inappropriate behavior will result in membership expulsion from the Sezmu network. All information is private, confidential and secure.
Are there any other tools to help us see what members we are dealing with?
A - Yes, besides the rating system you have the SKYPE tool to automatically contact and connect to a member via telephone communication
B - We also have installed google maps on the member directory ("Location map") tool. All you have to do is click on the "Location map" link and that will allow you to have a virtual Street Walk through of a member's actual ground business. Ex: This tool is great to see a merchants store-front and the virtual street walk through will allow you to view who you are dealing with .
Click For Example: Champagne Philipponnat S.A.
Google maps virtual street walk through: Click Here:
Click "Location map" once in clients Google map street, then click image to commence Virtual Street view
I need to talk to a Sezmu agent?
Please go to "contact us" and field your enquiries. The Sezmu team will generally answer your questions within 24 business hours.